Your online banking experience is about to improve!

The online banking interface when you log into your account is scheduled for an auto upgrade on 1/9/2023. You will love the easy user interface and updated features, especially if you are using a mobile or tablet device. The functionality will be very familiar and easy to use. This is an auto update. You will not have to do anything to enjoy the features of the upgrade.

Here is what You can expect!

Modern and Responsive

Our online banking has a sleek, updated interface that works on your desktop, laptop, tablet or cell— giving you freedom to do your banking wherever and whenever.

Next Generation Authentication

We're using the latest authentication technology to continue to keep your online sessions safe and secure. Because of this, you may be prompted to confirm your identity through a one-time PIN when you first sign-on after the upgrade.

Updated Menus

For brevity and efficiency, some menu options are changed. Money Movement menu is renamed Move Money. Statements is renamed Documents. Contact Us is renamed Secure Messaging. User Information is renamed Self Administration. Forms is renamed Service Requests which is now a separate tab on the Secure Messaging page.

Account Overview

The Account Overview page is the first page you'll see after signing on to online banking. This page offers three distinct formats that are designed to give you the best view of your accounts, depending how many entitled accounts you have and whether you're a retail or corporate customer.

Card/Tile View - Retail

Each account is presented as a card/tile that includes balance information with links to related tasks at the bottom of the card/tile.

List View - Retail

Each account is presented as a row in a table that includes balance information with links to related tasks on the right end of the row.

Tabbed View - Corporate

Accounts are grouped by type and displayed within a table on a tab. Each account row provides balance information with related tasks available via the ellipsis (…) on the right end of the row. 

Statement Delivery

Choose your statement delivery preferences through the new Delivery Settings tab on the Documents page.

Download Requests

Access completed and pending download transaction requests on the same page where you submit your requests.

Self Administration

The User Information page is renamed Self Administration. Use this page to manage your password, email, telephone numbers, and user name.


Your contact information and alert quiet time can be viewed and changed via the Show Contact Information link at the top of the page. Conversely, the information can be hidden by clicking the Hide Contact Information link. A Yes/No slide button allows you to easily subscribe to or unsubscribe from certain alerts.

Secure Messaging

The Secure Messaging page is separated into the following tabs: Compose, Incoming, Sent, Contact Information, Archived, and Service Requests.

Use Compose to reach out to us about any of your online banking questions or concerns. Use Incoming to view any of the messages we've sent to you. Use Sent to view any of the messages you've sent to us. The Archived tab includes any of the messages from us that you've chosen to keep. The Contact Information tab is where you'll find our contact information. Service Requests (formerly Forms) is where you'll go to access forms for things like changing your address, order checks, and so on.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this upgrade to your online banking experience, please call 1-802-442-8121 or email us at