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Get the HELOC Advantage

Have spring home improvement plans? Looking to buy a new car or pay a tuition bill? If you own a home, maybe we can help with a home equity loan!

What’s important to you in a bank?

First and foremost, we offer sophisticated and friendly banking services, with appealing products like FREE checking. Beyond that, however, we have features you just won’t find anywhere else:

  • We are locally-owned and we are a Mutual bank. This means  we do not have shareholders, only customers to answer to. Importantly, it also means we simply cannot be bought.
  • ALL decisions are made right here using our extensive local knowledge and area understanding.
  • We invest locally in individuals and businesses to help the area to thrive.
  • Our community is your community. Just as you recognize the important role that non-profits play in our community, so do we. We give monetary donations and lots and lots of staff time. And we do so enthusiastically.

Spring has Sprung!

A perfect time to switch banks! We all know staying local benefits everyone and leads to a stronger economy. Banking is no different. And, we’ll make switching easy! Just contact us or visit us the branch of your choice and we will get you on your way.

We believe it everyday when we say… At The Bank of Bennington, your money stays here, works here, and that makes a difference!