Security And Privacy


All You Need To Know

This is an area we take very seriously at The Bank of Bennington. There are many pressures being exerted on our privacy with scamming and fraudulent activity on the rise. We want to reassure you that we operate with technology and practices that employ security as the top priority and we are diligent in protecting our customers.

The information below will give you a good understanding of the guidelines we follow along with some advice and resources for you and your family.

Card Skimmers

Learn what card skimmers are, how to spot one and how to avoid be taken by one.

Card Skimmers

E-Banking Best Practices

Learn the best practices that can help protect you against fraud associated with electronic banking.

Best Practices


This free app will help keep your debit cards safe while giving you more controls over it's use.


Mobile Privacy

Learn about the privacy policies we have in place that are specific to using the mobile application

Lean More - Mobile Privacy


They are out there, on the rise and constantly evolving. Find out how to protect yourself and your family.

Latest Scam Info 


We respect your privacy and only share personal information necessary to execute our banking task.

Learn More - Privacy


A comprehensive list of federal regulations and procedures The Bank of Bennington follows along with information regarding the insuring your accounts.

Rules and Regulations