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“Banking local, interacting with friends & neighbors who work there—it turns banking into an enjoyable experience.”

- Willy Hall

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Staying In Vermont

As a Vermont-based mutual bank, we can’t be bought, we work for our customers, and we focus on community. Local Does Matter...

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“They made it possible for me to pursue my passion for business, real estate, and sustainability while contributing to the local community and economy.”

- Kevin Walla
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Spring Project?

Are You Ready to Take on Your NEXT Project? If you have an urge to tackle some home improvements, or get organized by …

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Card Skimming

Card skimming, a method used to steal credit and debit card information is on the rise. Learn more about them, especially how to spot them and avoid them.

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Lock In Your Rate!

Our Lock and Shop program is a great solution for home buyers, offering 90 days of protection from rate increases. A smart move in today's market...

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Working Together

Mutual banks have a different corporate structure than commercial banks. They do not have shareholders, but rather are …

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E Banking

Our E Banking options allow you to have complete control over your money remotely …

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Investing In Your Future

Stay informed with Money Talk Report with market activity recaps with an eye on the near short term. Read our current report …

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